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About Us

EXVINDERA Services, Direct With Manufacturers!


EXVINDERA is a brand new company that was made based out of the experiences and the teachings that a modern businessman can experiment. We have been through all the disappointments and through all the success of having completed our objectives. After having searched far and high for products for other people and having shared our knowledge with many we have decided to become an entity where people with uncertainty about the great world of importing and outsourcing can find a lending hand and experience. We have been able to create a commercial  network that stretches across the world in order to ensure our clients and us the fastest and most reliable product and monetary movement. We are able to do business real-time with customers in China just as well as people in USA and South America. We could write a lot about how much we have done and also how good we are but we will just let our customers experience that first hand!

EXVINDERA’s VISION: What we hope to create is essentially a bridge between the eastern part of the world to the western without any of the uncertainty that rules that current practice. We hope to be able to assist people in the safe, reliable, and speedy development of their respective markets.

EXVINDERA’s MISSION: What we want to do is offer our services to large corporations that feel the need to have people like us, or to simply help out little guys that are just starting their own businesses. Our scope of customers is neither big or small, because in the end a great idea can come from anywhere. We hope to make people feel very confident in their products and also their suppliers.

Thank you for helping me find the right suppliers for my new venture into the great opportunity that is importing and exporting!

Sergio Sanchez
Mobilesse C.A.