Our Services

Numbers Subject to Change with Consent of the Client.

We offer the following 4 types of services. Please select the appropriate one for you.
We will confirm the availability of our service once we recieve your request.

We Only Accept Wire Transfers as Payment


For Up-Start Clients
5%-10% Per Operation
  • New Supplier
  • New Brand
  • Corporate Image Development
  • Transport Handling
  • Project Management
  • Brand Protection in Source Country
  • Market Proning


$1,500 Per Container
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  • Product Supervision
  • Packing and Transport Verification
  • Product Integrity
  • New Supplier Search
  • New Product Research
  • Transport Supervision
  • Delivery Assurance

New Product Search

For Experienced Clients
7%-12% Per Operation
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  • New Product Search
  • New Product Testing and Integrity Verification
  • Supplier Verification
  • Continued Supplier Supervision
  • Shipping Supervision
  • Use Our Shipping Services
  • Use Client's Existing Shipping

Supplier Verification

Minimal Involvement
$1,600 Per Project
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  • Supplier Verification
  • Factory Documentation
  • Product Manufacturing Site
  • Shipping Services
  • Supervision of Products
  • Shipping and Production Verification
  • Continued Supplier Integrity

When selecting a service please remember that all of our ivolvement will be limited to what the client wants.
Once we have reached an agreement the client and, EXVINDERA will sign a confidentialty agreement.
This will ensure no rogue clients will later contact supplier we provided.

In the case of a client not wanting to work with our company anymore, they cannot continue purchasing from the supplier we offered.
All of our work and research is solely for the well-being and economic development of our customers.
When a customer feels an uncertainty, please let us know!

All of our documentation includes but is not limited to pictures, videos, and exisitng shipping info from the supplier.
That includes existing customers and brands to ensure integrity
Please choose the service that you think suits you best! You may change the type of service at any time as well.