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EXVINDERA Services, Direct With Manufacturers!



   We have had a few years of hands on experience dealing with many Chinese factories ranging from car accessories to furniture and have singled out some of the most professional and, in our opinion the best in order to offer a go-to solution to new customers and save them time by having already selected the most professional and the most qualified suppliers beforehand. These relationships have been hard to obtain as they have come through a lot of hard work and in some cases Chinese intermediaries trying to hide the real source to be able to obtain commissions. We have successfully taken these factories and have developed great relationships with them and are the only factories that we certify as EXVINDERA APPROVED 100% high quality manufacturers. We have only certified 3 manufacturers to date and have done business with over 50 different factories in various products. These factories are invisible, they have no website, no email, and no way to contact them unless its through a friend as they already have their customer base and do not need new ones.

Bags Of All Types This manufacturer was found through a past purchase through a series of contacts and two other smaller factories hiding the identity of the real big one. Once we established a relationship with them, it was obvious who is the go-to manufacturer when it comes to this product. They are able to make any kind of backpack,travel bags,and trolley bags that could be imagined. Also, with 3 other smaller factories supplying them with great quality items, they have achieved perfection in their assembly lines and quality of product when big names trust them to make their products.

Business CardsThis manufaturer is based in southern China and has a bit of an obscure presence due to their lack of marketing but nonetheless they are an exceptional facility with clean rooms and all the equipment to make any kind of business card or card in general. Their services range from a paper business card all the way to RFID embedded in cards. They can use gold,PVC,plastic,steel, and use these products to create infinite combinations that include bar-codes,RFID,magnetic strips,SIM cards,SPOT UV, embossing, etching, and many other services that are impossible for others to do. They are also able to produce labels and stickers of all sorts, ranging from a simple shampoo bottle label to high security holographic tamper-resistant stickers.


Thanks for the Great Support to find our new supplier that has decreased our costs and have increased our quality!

Jose Luis Morillo
Corporacion Zuliana C.A.