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Sunlight is a company that was started back in the early 2000s. They began selling all sorts of recessed lighting and industrial lighting used all over. Their headquarters were based out of Venezuela so their competition was fierce off the bat. When they started, they were buying the lights locally and would resell to other larger distributors to make a small profit. The problem arose just a couple years ago when they were desperately in need of importing lighting systems from China just like everyone else. That’s when they searched for experienced people that knew what to look for and where to go when it came to the right combination of price and quality. Once we began working with them we quickly found the right factory that would provide a durable and a constant high level of quality always under our supervision in local China by people of our organization.

Then through the use of our expertise and our contacts in China they were able to get the most competitive prices and the best quality. Now they are the number 1 selling brand of industrial lighting and home lighting in Venezuela. They have since become very large and shipping out many containers a month through the use of a quick return that their great products are offering. It all comes down to how bad people wants your product for the money to begin to appear. That was the case for them and even through the economic crisis the stock they had in hand was enough to get them through untouched.


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  1. Jose Luis says:

    Thanks For The Great Help! Our last shipment arrived perfectly again! We will be needing a lot more merchandise.