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Again, armed with the fact that there was not a reliable big brake system for cars around the world. EMBERTEK was created. They began creeping in South America for a couple years and then with the confidence needed to make the jump to the big leagues they decided to enter the European market and see what kind of impact they could do. Their tour of Europe was rather profitable by netting an important customer of the bat in Italy that had great confidence in the systems and now offers them to his customers. They began by offering simple 4 piston systems but as their experience and confidence grew they quickly expanded to the racing circuit in the US and in Italy and began offering 6 and 8 piston systems. Thats when the brakes began strutting their stuff in racing circuits in the likes of FormulaD and TimeAttack in the USA. EMBERTEK currently sponsors two racing teams in two different circuits. Both teams have done very well in the past and hopefully they will push the brakes to their limits!

In the American market EMBERTEK is still rather new and is steadily acquiring new distributors and dealers that wish to offer this new actually affordable big brake system that could only be a dream before to car enthusiasts. This was in part due to the astronomical prices that dealers charge for 6 and even 4 piston systems. That why they decided to enter the game and hopefully they will do very well through the confidence they are building and the great reviews they have been getting. We hope that both race teams in the US will succeed in their goals so a shout goes out to S-MAX Racing and Bridges Racing teams! Go Get em’ Guys.


One Response to “EMBERTEK”
  1. Bryan Bridges says:

    Thanks a lot for the brakes! Takatori really likes them and they performed well at the time attacks!