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XENONWORX was one of the first customers that came to us with a need. Through the many years of frustration that they had undergone with the absence of a good AED lighting system for vehicles all around the world. We bean our seemingly endless search for the perfect system and were able to hook up with what is now the 3rd largest AED bulb manufacturer in the world. At this point they handed us a list of certain specifications for each of the systems that they wanted to offer and once we delivered and tested everything they tested the systems themselves and we were all happy. The outcome of this relationship was the best selling AED system for vehicles in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and even in USA. We helped them every step of the way, from selecting the supplier to creating a website that fitted their needs.

Through the years we have seen the company grow into a full blown authority of automotive aftermarket lighting. Even after all the years they have gained and all the experience they have learned they still question us about marketing strategies and also about what countries could be profitable based on region focus studies that we conduct in order to prognosticate the success rate of the product in that country. They are still growing everyday and we are very proud to have built such a strong entity. This led to their dominance in the market in every country they enetered and we are very happy to have gotten the opportunity to work with them and wish them the very best!


One Response to “XENONWORX”
  1. Thanks a lot for the great products! We have had an immense growth in Venezuela!!